When it was time for a new HSV performance leader, HSV invoked the spirit of the top dog Monaro and the GTS tag re-emerged with the force of a nuclear blast. The VP GTS program was rushed into production to compete with the ford EB GT in September 92. Drawing on lessons from previous IRS Statesman-based models and the VN Group A, HSV hit the ground running with the first VP GTS.

At last, HSV had an independent rear suspension for its big grunt cars. The GTS was HSV’s first elite performance model with suspension that lifted it into the grand touring class exposing those with anything less as pretenders. In a move reminiscent of the legendary battles of the late 1960’s, the GTS was a knockout package and therefore humiliated the Falcon GT on its revival.

Quick Details
Years Produced 1992
Number Produced 130
Engine 5.0L V8
Power  200 kW / 410nm
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HSV VP GTS Details

For maximum impact and performance, the VP GTS drew on most of the VN Group A’s aerodynamic body additions and combined them with top shelf Senator wheels, grille and rear spoiler. It was a rare combination of brawn and class. And so it was under the bonnet. HSV brewed a special engine starting with the Group A block and internals capped off with the SV5000’s red motor ancillaries to keep the bonnet line low. It provided the best of both worlds, mean, powerful, amazingly flexible for road use and all the stamina of an endurance race engine. It was evil enough to warrant its black rocker covers and it is not for nothing that it is called the black engine.

HSV’s premium brake package was there to harness it. The cabin was a match for all this action with a development of the Group A sports seats trimmed in body hugging cloth trim and a magnificent three spoke Momo steering wheel. The driver wore the GTS like a glove, big enough to be a boxing glove, yet driven quickly, the GTS grew smaller as it took on the precision of a rapier-like blade of steel.

The GTS represents pure distilled HSV magic and its tiny production run means there will never be enough to go around.

HSV VP GTS Engine Specs

The VP GTS was HSV’s top of the range model and used the same 4 bolt mains Holden V8 that was used in the earlier model VL and VN Commodore Group A SV, using a single throttle body manifold the VP GTS produced 200kw with performance stats 0 -100km/h in 7 seconds and low 15 second 1/4 mile times achieved.

Engine: 4987 cc V8 (4 bolt main)
Power: 200 kW @ 5200 rpm (268 hp)
Torque: 410 Nm @ 3600 rpm (302.5 ft/lb)
Tyres: 235/45 ZR17 – Pirelli P-Zero

Performance as stated in various press reviews:
0-100 km/h (60 mph) 7.2 secs
Standing 400m (1/4 mile)15.23 secs
Top Speed: 236 km/h

Weight 1450kg


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