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HSV Performance Statistics

*All performance statistics are to be used as an estimate guide only.

ModelEnginePower0 - 100km/h0 – 400m
VL SS Grp AHolden 5.0L180kw / 380nm6.8sec  14.9sec  
VN SS Grp AHolden 5.0L215kw / 411nm6.5sec  14.5sec  
VS GTS/RHolden 5.7L215kw - 230kw / 475nm+6.1sec  14.1sec  
VT GTS 220iHolden 5.7L220kw - 235kw / 475nm+5.9sec  14.0sec  
VT GTS 300C4B LS1 5.7L300kw / 510nm5.1sec  13.1sec  
VX GTSC4B LS1 5.7L300kw / 510nm5.1sec  13.1sec  
VY GTSC4B LS1 5.7L300kw / 510nm5.2sec  13.3sec  
VZ ClubsportLS2 6.0L297kw / 500nm5.1sec  13.4sec  
VE GTSLS3 6.2L325kw / 550nm4.9sec  13.5sec  
VF GTSLSA 6.2L S/C430kw / 740nm4.5sec  12.3sec  
VF GTS/R W1LS9 6.2L S/C474kw / 815nm4.2sec  12.1sec