HSV Owners General Chat

HSV Owners General Chat

  • hi just wondering if anyone knows how many vy clubsport were made in British race green

  • Does anyone know how to confirm if your clubsport is an R8 apart from the Hsv build plate. Does VIN indicate R8 somehow?

  • Cameron Pascoe posted an update in the group Group logo of HSV Owners General ChatHSV Owners General Chat 2 weeks ago

    I’ve recently brought a coupe 4 build number 148. But I’m confused because they only made 130 for aust. Does anyone know the answer why my build number is higher?

  • Anyone know what could be causing this ?
    Vf 2 clubsport lsa Every time I accelerate a lil heavy now it’s doing it more often
    I’ve got a URL link to a shared video in my google drive see what anyone thinks? I’m 1000km away from hom and I just bought this last week from the dealership

    htt…[Read more]

  • Errol Cantamessa posted an update in the group Group logo of HSV Owners General ChatHSV Owners General Chat 3 weeks ago

    Hi all does anyone know how many VF maloo lsa’s were made
    Cheers Errol

  • Hey guys. I’m new to the Grange band wagon. IveRecently bought vs series 2, 1996 hsv Grange 185i silver in colour. Sunroof, full leather seats, sunroof, 250kph hsv speedo.
    How many series 2 vs Granges in the 185i did they make? Out of that how many were silver and a 185i.
    Cheers fellow hsv owners 🙏

  • Hi everyone anyone know how to delete or re,ove the I.s.s system in a wh grange

  • Hi . Trying to get a value on my 2005 HSV senator auto. Glaze colour. Only done 3500km. Leather interior immaculate. Thanks

  • Hi, can anyone tell me how many 2008 HSV Grange’s were sent to NZ in Mystic Black? Thank you in advance.

  • I own (not HSV) 1996 VS Stato in Panther Mica – I’m trying to find out how many vehicles were produced in this colour as it is only used on VS models. Even just pointing me in the right direction would be wonderful. Thanks.

  • Ian B posted an update in the group Group logo of HSV Owners General ChatHSV Owners General Chat 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    New to this site, can anyone help with my R8 tail lights? The tail lights fixed to the boot lid have a problem with the Leds lighting up only the top part and not right around on both left and right. This has just started happening this week. Does anyone know what it could be? Thanks in advance.

  • I have a 2001 vx clubsport R8 build number 009 I was wondering if this low number adds to it value???

  • I Have A HSV Vs 3.8 lts not supa charged engine in my Statesman and was trying to find out engine specs for a possible rebuild.Build no 359
    I have only ever heard og one othe hsv Stato with a V6 (Not supa charged ).
    Any info would be good.

  • Hey guys, just joined.
    Can anybody tell me about this wagon, says there was only 43 vp sportswagons made, this is build No 45?
  • Just joined and find that the genF range info doesn’t seem to be very accurate with year built, wondering why.

  • Hey Chaps, I’ve had my ve maloo for about 3 yrs now, and lately I’ve had a few dramas with the engine light coming on and going to limp mode comes up with maf sensor code, not driving it hard at all which is weird, and today the alternator warning came on saying service charging system, ok il buy a new alternator, go to the servo tonight and BAM a…[Read more]

  • Anthony k posted an update in the group Group logo of HSV Owners General ChatHSV Owners General Chat 3 months ago

    I own a ve r8 clubby ls3 6.2l just recently built the motor and put in a lumpy cam with a harrop otr
    issue I’m having with the motor after the rebuild is overheating when the high speed fans kick in

    I have taken it to numerous places to try and solve the problem but can’t seem to fix it. It has been tuned by sams performance motor has been…[Read more]

  • Mak Lambert posted an update in the group Group logo of HSV Owners General ChatHSV Owners General Chat 3 months ago

    I have a VY R8 and wondering how many were built

    • HSV seem to safeguard some of those figures after the VX series for some reason. I’ve tried over the years to get them out of them for VZ R8 Clubsport and GEN-F2 GTS each time no luck. It gets even harder if you try and ask them specifics like, how many where exported to NZ and how many where manual or automatic? With the imminent demise of HSV I…[Read more]

  • Hi guys, just joined I have an 05 VZR8 just wondering if I can put the fuel tank out of a Vy into it, using my pump assembly. Thanks in advance
    Cheers Terry

    • Sorry I can’t really be any help but I would suggest that you try chatting with a Holden service technician. Just go into a dealer (while there are still some around) and ask to talk with a senior service technician. In my experience they have been pretty helpful.

  • Just a shout out to any GTS GEN-F2 owner out there. Would anyone that has either the original GTS spare wheel option fitted or has a work around, for securing a spare wheel be able to share some pictures of how you have it fitted? I tried to get the factory spare wheel option fitted when I brought my GTS new, but was told that that option was no…[Read more]

    • Bill C replied 1 week ago

      Hi Chris .
      Currently in the process of trying to fit a spare to my Gen F2 Clubsport . After a lot of incorrect information I have everything required and am happy to attach a pic of all the part numbers required if you still need them

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