HSV Owners General Chat

HSV Owners General Chat

  • Can anyone tell me how to find out how many 2016 VF2 HSV Senator Signature were built and how many are manual

  • Can some one tell me how many VT Calais where built in 1998 with xx3 option, its a 5lt . HSV ENHANCED 195l Thanks

  • Can someone tell me how many units were built for WM Grange please?

  • Hi all, a newbie here but long time Holden/HSV devotee. Just a question, is there any way other than measuring the stroke to tell the difference between a 304 185i and a 215i? tia

  • hey guys just a query i’ve got a VS maloo with compliance date is 11/1996,from what i can work out there was 107 produced for that year, mine is saying build number 330, and its body number 995658, are they badged from the firat VSII maloo, just seems weird, any insights would be appreciated, tha ks

  • Nathan Dufour posted an update in the group Group logo of HSV Owners General ChatHSV Owners General Chat 1 month ago

    Hi Guys I’m an owner of a 1999 VT HSV R8 Series 2
    I know there was only #193 Built I have built number #178 in tiger mica just wondering on the number of tiger mica built

  • Hi All
    Hoping someone can help me out. My ABS module is gone in my 2001 HSV VXII 5.7 R8 Clubby. Does anyone know what the serial numbers are for this part. I believe they are decommissioned so i can only buy a refurbished one. If someone knows the serial number for this part id be greatly appreciated

  • Sandy Grant posted an update in the group Group logo of HSV Owners General ChatHSV Owners General Chat 3 months ago

    My series 1 VT HSV wont run because my key died and I was never given the fob keys when I bought the car, I need to know how to get rid of this rediculous security system that is preventing me from using my car???? I beleive its an ISS passive 3 point system and there is no help anywhere.

  • Hi everyone,
    I’ve just purchased my first HSV – a VF series 1 Maloo R8 SV Enhanced (with the 340 kW LS3 engine). I was wondering how I can find out how many of these Series 1 VF R8 Maloo’s with the SV enhancement were manufactured / delivered?

  • Dean Philpott posted an update in the group Group logo of HSV Owners General ChatHSV Owners General Chat 5 months ago

    Hi everyone, I have recently acquired a 2002 HSV Coupe with 47,000Km’s, I was assured by the dealer it was “all original” however I have noticed the engine number doesn’t match what Holden, the handbook or vehicle check websites show. Being such low mileage I can’t imagine the car has had a replacement engine. I have spoken to the previous owners…[Read more]

  • Hi I was wondering if there is any way to find out how many vt mantas are left eg how many have been declared write-offs, stolen, burnt out, scrapped etc? I realise not all would have been reported or declared but just a rough estimate of how many are around roughly out of the 180 that were made. Cheers

  • Hello to all.
    I have purchased a 2017 HSV Clubsport R8 LSA recently.
    The Enhanced Driver Interface. EDI. iconiwhen pressed whilst car us running and stationary says EDI unavailable.
    Holden techs say they can’t get it to operate.
    Trying to ascertain if this system was an option which my car does not have access to, or if I my car has an issue. Thanks.

  • Hi all,
    How can i find out how many 03 Vy Senators s1 with sunroof, big brakes and in martini grey

  • Does anyone know if there is a breakout of how many of the CSV CR8’s were made for the Middle East? I was hoping it would be broken out of the 955 VE Series 2 cars. Thank you!

  • Just joined and went searching for my model wk grange series 2 285 and guess what forgotten again it’s becoming a pain as I’m trying to find numbers made so has anyone else know of a better website

    • I believe the WK series grange was only manufactured in 2003 and only 100 vehicles were produced. I own a WK Grange has the LS1 285kw engine.

      Hope this helps.

  • Jay Carter posted an update in the group Group logo of HSV Owners General ChatHSV Owners General Chat 9 months ago

    Hi Guys, just noticed on the official website when I entered all my cars details it only came up with 2000 VT Club Sport Series 2 but not R8 yet it has all the R8 identities on the car, build plate, first page of the owners manual, full leather, Harrop big brakes, R8 badge on the lower LHS boot.

    Has anyone had a problem with that?

  • Found out today through HSV that there were 1204 vy series II clubsports built in total, 297 built in Phantom black, 146 of those were manual. Unfortunately they couldn’t give me any further breakdown – ie mine came with the factory sunroof. In any case, I wonder how many of these are actually left!

  • Sam Bisignano posted an update in the group Group logo of HSV Owners General ChatHSV Owners General Chat 10 months ago

    Wat tyres are the best for a vf clubsport r8??the continentals i have are starting 2 sound like a helicopter…lol any suggestions would be great….


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