HSV Z Series Senator

The Z Series no longer featured the Senator Signature nameplate. The new Senator featured a more subtle styling, with 19 in wheels as standard.

The engine was the new 6.0-litre LS2 V8 (as featured on the C6 Corvette) pushing out 297 kW that featured across the HSV range. Newly designed rear mufflers gave the car more of a deeper sound. The Senator’s weight increased to 1,735 kg, the fuel economy was officially rated at 10-12 litres/100 km on the highway, and a jump to 18-22 litres/100 km through the cities.

Some of the main options included the sunroof $2390, satellite navigation $3800, rear-seat DVD players $3900, Xenon headlights $1800, tyre pressure monitoring system $1395. Inside it features Nappa leather on the seats.

Quick Details
Years Produced 2004 – 2006
Z Series Senator Produced 471
Z Series Senator Skaife Signature Produced 50
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The braking system on the Senator comes with ABS with twin-piston front callipers and grooved discs. The specially designed rear suspension has a self-levelling feature, so if the Senator was towing a trailer, instead of the weight forcing the back down and causing the front of the car to go up, the rear suspension would harden itself and therefore keeping the car levelled and aerodynamic. This feature is also on the current E-series Senator Signature and has been optioned on Holden models as far back as WH Caprice in 1999.

The chrome outline on the grill was added to give the style more of a relaxed luxury appearance. The Senator has specially designed 10 spoke alloys. For the interior special suede leather came as an optional extra. The Senator Signature name has now been dropped out of the line up, in the price department it matches the Clubsport approximately. Nappa leather is standard for the Senator.

HSV produced the following Z Series Senator limited edition:

  • Senator Skaife Signature: 50 Z Series MY06 units painted in “Phantom Black” with chrome shadow wheel finish, special fittings and automatic transmission only; March 2006

This engine debuted in the Z series. It is a GM built LS2 V8 customized for HSV’s usage. One of the main reasons that this engine was used is that the LS1 V8 does not meet ADR 79/01 (Euro III) emissions regulations. This new engine also has connections to the L76 6.0-litre used in the VZ and VE Holden Commodores.

  • 6.0 litre LS2
  • 297kW @ 6000 rpm
  • 530Nm @ 4400 rpm

Engine: 6.0 litre LS2
Power: 297kW @ 6000 rpm
Torque: 530Nm @ 4400 rpm
Weight: 1735kg

o-100km/h =
0-400m = 13.6 sec

*All performance times are to be used as a guide only as many variable factors can change the outcome of each cars perfomance times.

Years Produced 2004 – 2006
Z Series Senator Produced 471
Z Series Senator Skaife Signature Produced 50

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