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HSV Price & Value Guide

The pricing guide found on this website is to be used as an estimate guide only. We take into account current vehicle sales and do not use or consider Red Book guides accurate for HSV vehicles. Guide will be updated from time to time to reflect current vehicle markets.

ModelEnginePower0 - 100km/h0 – 400m
VL SS Grp AHolden 5.0L180kw / 380nm6.8sec  14.9sec  
VN SS Grp AHolden 5.0L215kw / 411nm6.5sec  14.5sec  
VS GTS/RHolden 5.7L215kw - 230kw / 475nm+6.1sec  14.1sec  
VT GTS 220iHolden 5.7L220kw - 235kw / 475nm+5.9sec  14.0sec  
VT GTS 300C4B LS1 5.7L300kw / 510nm5.1sec  13.1sec  
VX GTSC4B LS1 5.7L300kw / 510nm5.1sec  13.1sec  
VY GTSC4B LS1 5.7L300kw / 510nm5.2sec  13.3sec  
VZ ClubsportLS2 6.0L297kw / 500nm5.1sec  13.4sec  
VE GTSLS3 6.2L325kw / 550nm4.9sec  13.5sec  
VF GTSLSA 6.2L S/C430kw / 740nm4.5sec  12.3sec  
VF GTS/R W1LS9 6.2L S/C474kw / 815nm4.2sec  12.1sec