The final built VL Series HSV…

In 1988 John Harvey at Holden’s Special Vehicles Division created a final VL for the HSV ‘market’ Known as the Final 20 or F20. Each of the F20’s were ordered by the dealer principal only and sourced and specced from John Harvey directly.

During this time most of the dealers were still holding onto Group A and SV88 models for potential customers and as a consequence, only two dealers decided they wanted to sell these vehicles which resulted in a low number of only two F20 vehicles being sold.

Quick Details
Years Produced 1988
Number Produced 2 + 2 Company Cars
Engine 3.0L Nissan (Turbo and Non Turbo)
Power 150kw / 296nm | 114kw / 247nm
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Despite the lack of blood and thunder from the absence of the general’s V8, the two F20’s were launched into showrooms with the ever popular ‘turbocharged six’ sourced from Nissan. Not only peaking with more power than GM’s factory V8 the lack of torque was more than made up for in the turbo SV, which was presented as a silky smooth performance alternative.

Vehicle Details

Trim was SV88 enspired but with perforated leather, while the boydkit consisted of the SV88 rear lip spoiler and the more recently dubbed ‘Half’ Group A kit. Only 2 produced. The other two were used as company cars for HSV. The other two were labeled F20’s and sold. There were two models, the only difference was the motor, one featured a Turbo Model, the other didn’t

The car was owned from new by Terry Short who bought it from Sundell Motors in September 1988. The car was regularly used at track days at oran Park with Warren Luff.

Number Built: 2 initially, additional 2 as company cars

Engine Details


Engine: 2962 cm3 / 181.4 cui Straight Six
Power: 150 kW / 201 hp
Torque: 296 Nm / 218 lb-ft

Non Turbo

Engine: 2962 cm3 / 181.4 cui Straight Six
Power: 114 kW / 153 hp
Torque: 247 Nm / 182 lb-ft
Tyres: 205/55 VR 16 – Bridgestone RE71

Tyres: 205/55 VR 16 – Bridgestone RE71

Performance as stated in various press reviews:
0-100 km/h (60 mph) ?
Standing 400m (1/4 mile) ?
Top Speed: ?

HSV VL SV F20 Images

Interesting Facts

  • Last HSV VL Series model to be produced
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