HSV E Series

An all-new Holden Commodore chassis, known as the VE was unveiled in July 2006. Following this, a new range of “E” Series HSV models were released in August 2006. Changes to the exhaust system yielded a 10kw increase in power for the LS2 to 307kw. Extensive modifications to the base VE Commodore sheetmetal and interior were introduced, most notably the unique LED taillights and distinctive side vents. The new GM 6L80-E 6 speed automatic transmission from the VE Commodore is offered, and Electronic Stability Control is standard on all models.

The result was a total of 301 end-to-end exclusive HSV modifications, including the 307kW of power output, 550Nm of torque (series 1), a sports-tuned Electronic Stability Control system and the revolutionary Magnetic Ride Control suspension technology.

HSV also released a HSV Senator Signature SV08 in 2008 which was released in a limited run of 20 manual and 30 automatic units. This model featured lower paint-outs, sill plates and extra chrome accents on the side mirrors and door handles. It was powered by a V8 engine developing 317 kW mated to a new Tremec TR6060 gearbox and had 20-inch “Pentagon” wheels, Magnetic Ride Control suspension system with Sport mode and Park Assist system.

In August 2008, HSV launched its new flagship model, the W427. This car is based on the GTS, but carries a 7.0 L LS7 V8 engine along with larger brakes, strengthened gearbox, revised suspension and unique MRC settings. The W427 was the most powerful car ever made in Australia until the release of the Gen-F GTS, with power outputs of 375kw and 640nm. It is still the most expensive, at $155 500.

E Series 2 was launched in 2009 and featured a substantial design update of the existing E Series model range. Along with the introduction of Daytime Running Lamps, a range of other “Australian firsts” included Competition Mode ESC, 20 x 8.5 inch front wheels and Intelligent Launch Control. The range included ClubSport R8, ClubSport R8 Tourer, Maloo R8, GTS, Senator Signature and Grange.

E Series 3 launched in September 2010, Holden Special Vehicles released the E Series 3, the last version of the E Series. The noticeable changes between E Series 2 and 3 include the GTS power has been increased to 325 kW, making it once again the top of the HSV list with the rest of the range powered by a 317kw LS3 V8. The new engines have also improved fuel economy by 4.2 per cent on the LS3 V8. An all new interior across the range and the introduction of a range of new technologies including an Enhanced Driver Interface, Liquid Propane Injection and Side Blind Zone Alert.

HSV VE Models & Build Numbers

Year LaunchedModelNumber ProducedExtra Details
2006VE GTS 3217E-series; August 2006 | Automatic - 1,125
| Manual – 1,079
2006VE GTS 40th ann100
2006VE Clubsport R84016
2006VE Clubsport R8 Tourer248
2007VE Clubsport "20th Ann"101100 E-series built; all in Sandstorm paint
2007WM GrangeWM-series; launched in May 2007
2007VE Maloo R81795E-series; launched in October 2007
2008VE W427139137 E-series built
2008VE Clubsport R8 "Murph Special Edition"4141 E-series built for New Zealand
2008VE Maloo R8 "Murph Special Edition"1010 utes for New Zealand only
2006VE Senator Signature1089
2008VE Senator SV085050 E-series built
2009VE E2 Clubsport R8955E Series II; launched in September 2009
2009VE E2 Clubsport R8 Tourer179
2009VE E2 GTS800E Series II, launched in September 2009
2009VE Senator Limited Edition8989 E-series built; 59 automatic and 30 manual entry-level Senator
2009WM E2 GrangeWM Series II; launched in September 2009
2009WM E2 Senator Signature225
2009VE E2 Maloo R8 757E series II; launched in September 2009
2010VE E2 Clubsport R8 "GXP" 400400 E Series II build; 6 colours; March 2010
2010VE E2 Clubsport "20th Ann"100E Series II; all in Millenium silver paint; June 2010
2010VE E2 Maloo "GXP"E series II; launched in March 2010
2010VE E3 GTS1776E Series III, launched in September 2010
2010WM E3 Grange WM Series III, launched in September 2010
2010VE E3 Senator Signature520
2010VE E3 MalooE series III; launched in September 2010
2010VE E3 Maloo R81601E series III; launched in September 2010
2010VE E3 Maloo "20 Years of Maloo" R8100100 E series III built; launched in September 2010
2011VE E3 Clubsport R8 SV Black Edition100100 E Series III built for Australia, with 15 for New Zealand; September 2011 15 sedans 2 painted red and 5 utes to New Zealand
2011VE E3 Clubsport R8 Tourer SV Black Edition 2525 E Series III built for Australia; September 2011
2011VE E3 Maloo R8 SV Black Edition100100 E Series III built for Australia; September 2011
2011VE E3 Clubsport R8 SV-R4Response; 4 yellow E-series III built for Queensland Police
2012VE E3 ClubsportE Series III "MY12.5" series, from August 2012
2010VE E3 Clubsport R82204E Series III
2012VE E3 Clubsport R8 Tourer380
2012VE E3 GTS "25th Ann"140140 E-Series III built; 125 for Australia and 15 for New Zealand
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