HSV VT Series

// VT Series 1

The VT series released in 1997 was based on an all new body design and was the last series to be powered by Australian-made 195 kw 5.0 litre V8 (cast iron block) and the 220 kw 5.7-litre stroker. The range included, amongst others, the Manta, ClubSport, GTS and a range of 10th Anniversary limited edition models.

A Senator Signature wagon was introduced and was mechanically identical to the sedan counterpart and the VS ute bodyshell was retained for the Maloo. There were only 180 Manta units produced, after which this model was dropped from production due to its close competition with the donor Commodore SS model. The range also comprised of the XU8, which was built in limited numbers to carry the last-ever Australian made V8 engine.

// VT Series 2

The VT Series II represented a major update for HSV through the introduction of the new 250 kW 5.7 litre GENIII LS1 V8, which saw Wheels name the GTS as the fastest Holden ever at the time.

The Manta and Senator Signature wagon were both dropped from the line-up due to poor sale performance. The flagship GTS presented many unique features such as a Callaway tuned 300 kW. The recent release of the new WH series Caprice in 2001 allowed the Grange to gain its new look. This series also saw the introduction of a supercharged V6 model named the XU6, which ultimately did not prove successful.

For the first time, a more performance-oriented ClubSport was launched, known as the ClubSport R8. It came standard with HSV’s “Performance” suspension and braking package, which were offered as optional extras on the standard model Clubsport. Again, the Maloo remained available using the VS ute body shell.

VT Models & Build Numbers

Year LaunchedModelNumber ProducedExtra Details
1997VT MANTA180based on Commodore SS with 195i engine; September 1997 to November 1998
1997VT CLUBSPORT1505948 automatic and 557 manual; September 1997 to May 1999
1998VT CLUBSPORT 10TH ANNIVERSARY174104 automatic and 70 manual; August 1998 to October 1998
1997VT XU6 10TH ANNIVERSARY10V6 supercharged engine with automatic only; February 1998 to June 1998
1997VT XU6 321V6 supercharged engine with automatic only; October 1998 to September 1999
1997VT SENATOR SIGNATURE 195i323based on Calais fittings; September 1997 to June 1999
1997VT SENATOR SIGNATURE WAGON27based on automatic Berlina wagon with Calais fittings; September 1997 to June 1999
1997VT SENATOR SIGNATURE 220i208September 1997 to June 1999
1998VT SENATOR SIGNATURE 10TH ANNIV10March 1998 to June 1998
1997VT GTS399263 manual and 136 automatic; September 1997 to September 1999
1998VSIII AT VT MALOO 10TH ANNIVERSARY30VS Series III; 195i engine
1999VT XU8141195i final Australian-made V8 engine; June 1999
1999VTII XU6320supercharged engine and automatic only; July 1999 to September 2000
2000VTII GTS11717 exported, 73 in Phantom Black and 27 in Sting Red paint; revised multi-link rear suspension; April 2000 to September 2000
1999VTII SENATOR 250i261 manual and 25 automatic; July 1999 to October 2000
1999VTII SENATOR V66automatic only; July 1999 to October 2000
1999VTII CLUBSPORT14451255 automatic and 190 manual; July 1999 to October 2000
1999VTII CLUBSPORT R8193123 automatic and 70 manual; July 1999 to October 2000
2000VTII CLUBSPORT HACKETT200August 2000 to September 2000
1999VTII SV9999July 1999 to April 2000
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