HSV VL Series

The start of HSV, the Holden VL Commodore SS Group A SV was the first car produced by Holden Special Vehicles and the first Group A homologation racing special model built under the umbrella. Developed under contract to Holden, it was released in March 1988 and modifications were made to the standard Holden 5.0 litre V8 to produce 180 kW and 380 Nm which included a twin throttle body fuel injection system, making the VL SS Group A SV the first Holden/HSV V8 offered with EFI.

The VL HSV was best known for the polarising body kit and bluish-silver colour. The SV88 model was based on the VL Holden Calais and used a carburetored version of the V8 producing 136 kW.

HSV VL Models & Build Numbers

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Year LaunchedModelNumber ProducedExtra Details
1987VL SS GROUP A SV750(500+250 additional. Badged and sold as Holden for racing homologation purposes; all in Panorama Silver paint; March to November 1988
1988VL CALAIS SV88150based on Calais; May to July 1988
1988VL F20 SV2"Final 20" VL-series vehicles; 2 built + 2 replicas
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